Hey allHope you are all keeping well, happy and healthy in isolation.On May 8th 2018 I went into the studio to begin works on my fourth studio album with my best mates.It’s been a long process to get to this point but I wasn’t willing to settle for something that I didn’t feel was a step forward.After 2 years of work and obsessive attention to detail I have received back the final mixes for album number 4 today. I am so proud of it and thankful to all the people who made it possible. MAY 8th! Two years to the day since the first microphones were set up to begin these recordings. Now to work out release dates :) let the next phase of chaos begin. To celebrate! I am going live on Saturday night 8:30pm CST via FACEBOOK. I’ll be taking requests off all four albums and drinking red wine on what will be a cosy Saturday night in. www.facebook.com/sambrittainofficialPlease feel free to tune in and request a track! Alternatively if you want to help me choose the setlist DM or comment your song suggestions below.All records can be found on Spotify or iTunes. Have a wonderful Friday and I look forward to seeing you soon! All my love Sam xx#newmusic #ausmusic #albumfour #celebration #livestream
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