***ANNOUNCEMENT******PLEASE READ BELOW*** Hello you lot It’s with a lot of disappointment i write today’s post regarding our upcoming album preview show at the Grace Emily Hotel scheduled for Saturday 27th March. Our wonderful drummer and dear friend Matt is currently in London due to arrive back in Australia to begin rehearsals in a few days time. However, sadly with the governments new self isolation laws in place this means he will be on a mandatory 14 day quarantine at home and unable to play the show.The new album has been been two years in the making and is what it is because of the people who have played on it. With this in mind it wouldn’t feel right to begin playing these songs live with an integral piece of the puzzle absent. For those of you have bought tickets there will be information coming on what’s next in the coming days.Please take care of one another during this time, practice responsible hygiene and if you’re remotely concerned about any developing symptoms seek appropriate medical advice.In a matter of weeks our freedoms have all changed, and a lot of people have had things they were looking forward to cancelled or postponed indefinitely. Please get out and support our pubs and venues that support live music. Be considerate and kind to one another and we will see you with new music as soon as the dust settles. All my loveSam #postponed #covid_19Photo: @bronikon06
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