Hey all.Hope everyone’s new year has been wonderful so far. I have some big things coming in 2019 that I’m excited to share with you all. New music, tour dates and more…but that will all be shared soon enough. It has been a while between albums but I’m pretty darn proud of what we have created. Nothing worth having is easy or comes fast. We worked hard, made some tough calls but I am glad to say this one is well on its way. I’m excited to share it with you. It’s all become reality thanks to great friends with a shared vision & huge amounts of talent and passion. You all know who you are! I can’t thank you enough. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to create music with you all. Today I am feeling very thankful to each and everyone of you who made it possible. Thankful for 2018s lessons. Thankful for its triumphs and defeats. They all led here. New music on its way! But for now…just another sunset. See you all soon! All my love SJB#oneandonlyreethirah #oomoments #luxury #resort @ooreethirah #newalbum #comingsoon @battmirks @milush @dustylee89 @loganwhatswatt @stefanhauk @wundenbergs @lewiswundenberg
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