2015 what a ride you were. We toured Australia & Europe, sung songs to folks on street corners, dingy bars, festival stages and made new friends and memories. We learned new lessons that we will only begin to fully understand the cosmic importance of once the dust settles. We made a few records too… This year was without doubt one of my most challenging years both personally and professionally. I battled with the reality of lost friends, the ones gone from this world but never from my heart and in turn the ones that are just on a different path. I learnt at the end of the day it's all about keeping balance & staying on an even keel. I learnt that more work, a even more relentless touring schedule and distraction doesn't really solve a thing. The scars of loss will sit and idly wait till you face them.I learnt that working just as hard on my day to day happiness as well as my art and taking the chance to slow down and breathe for a while is the only way out of the dark. Placing importance upon all these things equally is the only cure…that and time. For me it's about making a conscious decision to be happy and surround myself with the right people who I love, respect and appreciate. People who unequivocally return all of these things to me at every opportunity. People who I am excited to give my time to and give me theirs in return…this is the greatest gift and for these people I am the most grateful… I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who props me up and keeps the tank from running dry…without my family, friends and everyone behind the scenes I'd be lost. Now. Forget about 2015…that was yesterday's news…it's already wrapping fish at the market and lining the bottoms of bird cages. Take the good from last year, keep it in your heart, turn anything negative into a lesson learned and a personal resolution to be better. Most of all dream big, chase down the seemingly impossible things you want and make them your reality. Inspire those around you to build something for themselves and have the confidence to leap into the unknown and do what ever it takes to achieve their wildest dreams. Thank you to everyone who inspires me.SJB

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