Boxes full of memories and words that I wrote down. You were the first to tell me to put pen paper and write what what was on my mind. A true enabler to voiceless muse. I kept it all. Every single page. Now 15 years down the road, five studio albums and more unreleased or never performed songs lay in these pages… You were my first push and the first to encourage me to let it bleed on the page and make sense of the chaos that way. To make my own noise…to find an even keel… If not for you I may have never started…and where would I be now.These thousands of pages hold many stories…from the days before we were a man down… I feel a shift coming. A change in the air, a recalling to very familiar and trusted muse…it’s just around the bend. ~I see a door right in front of meBut I can’t open it to seeMy hands are burned and start to bleedBeen calling but nobody hears meI’m alone but it’s inside of me… #empathy

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