My dear PopYou are finally free. Like a tide moving with the push and pull of the moon, you may go effortlessly as you please now. Your aching bones no longer serve as a cage. Yesterday was a day that no amount of preparation could have had me ready for. But here goes… I learnt more from you in my 28 years than just about anyone, mainly the immensity of the love you had for your family. Your passion, your zany sense of humour and enormous heart will never be forgotten. If I can amount to half the man, half the positive example you have been. I’ll be doing alright. I’ll try my best to get there I promise. Your family misses you. I miss you. There’s a hole here now and things won’t ever be quite the same. Max, you were a great man to ride the river with and your spirit will burn in my heart and soul. Not mine alone but each and everyone one of your family and friends each day as we go on without you. Onwards to the next project. All you need is a hammer and a nail. Back here…Well make sure we try our best to get it straight. But it’ll be hard without your spirit level. Wish us luck. Rest in Peace Pop. SJB #rip #pop #family

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