WORLD OF ADELAIDE & SURROUNDING BURBS! Today the band and I are doing our annual show at Gibson Wines in the wonderful Barossa Valley. It’s free entry, family friendly and with some of the finest wine and food the BV has to offer it’s no surprise it’s become my favourite day of the year!We play all day long 12-5 and after nearly 40 hours of singing in the last week I am buzzed to be heading out to this little paradise to strum my g’tar and sing some songs, old and new. Kicks off at midday. Bring the family and settle in for a day I look forward to 364 days a year, till it rolls round again whilst supporting an amazing family business that supports live music of all kinds. You’ll get all the feeeelzLots of love SJB xx#barossa #wine #livemusic #gibsonwines @gibsonwines Photo: @bronikon06

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